Would we buy clothing from you?

Well, in a way. We do not directly buy clothing from you, but we're happy to take it in consignment.


When you have objects you'd like to sell, you bring them to us. We have a look at what you've got and if we like what we see, we take those objects and give them an unique number. We then write this on a contract, also stating the sellingprice. You get a copy of that contract in your e-mail.

For two months we'll try and sell your items (so make sure what you bring us fits the season). For each sold object, we split the profit 50-50. After the two month period (the end date is clearly stated in the contract) you give us a heads-up when you want to pick up the stuff that didn't sell and collect your profits. We do this at the same time. 

Important notice: we only pay profits and the end of the period and we do not take stuff in on saturdays. Also, as we're vegetarians, we do not handle fur.