Flyer2007Sometimes you need stuff for a performance, movie or magazine. We don't mind getting extra exposure, so here's what we can do for you: 

  1.  If you need something for only a couple of days, we can lend them to you. Your deposit will be the sellingprice, but we'll refund this when you bring the items back in the original and clean condition.
  2. If you need them a bit longer, we can rent stuff out. The deposit will still be the sellingprice and we want the items back in the same clean condition we rented them out in the first place. We'll deduct the rent from your refund. You get a receipt for the rent we charged, clearly stating the VAT.
  3. On special occassions we can sell you items at a lower rate. The discount we give you is set by the amount of exposure we'll get from you. 

We need publicity as much as the next business. 

You think you wanna?

Well, just pop by to see what we've got in store. We might even hand you a nice cup of coffee or tea ;-)